Edition I – New Beginnings


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Submissions (CLOSED) Feb 3rd, 2017

Update 24/04/17:

New Beginnings Shortlist

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Update 31/03/17:

New Beginnings Long List

In no particular order:

Aviva Treger – What Came Out of the Box

Matthew Leagas – Last Man Standing

Lindsay R. Taylor – The Replacement

Marija Smits – The Zoetrope Man

Paul Currion – Circuloss

Michael Bird – Rakaka

Mark Mayes – Harbinger

Shaylin Fox – White Sands

Garry Coulthard – Handy

C. A. Steed – Re-Entry

Lauren Suchenski – The Earth Cracked in Two

Michelle Lehmann – Quiet Time

Lerah Mae Barcenilla – Athanasia

Megan Manzano – Faceless

Joan Treacy – My Place in the Orchestra

Simon James – Letting Go

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